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Singer/songwriter Maddi Warren grew up in Blue Eye, Missouri, a small town nestled in the Ozark Mountains. Growing up in a remote location, Maddi had to find ways to occupy her time, and music became her passion. She began writing and performing at the young age of 15. Her roots and experiences have molded her style/songs into what has been described as gritty, mountain, and soulful. 


Over the years Maddi has performed with a host of musicians, one of her most influential projects being Madison Avenue. This was the duo Maddi performed alongside drummer Dan Stricker. They played together for several years all over Missouri and Arkansas. During this time Maddi continued to write and work on originals. She also started playing a few solo shows. This sparked the interest of her little sister, Alli Butler, and they formed an acoustic duo. They have performed shows all over the United States together, including a stop at the Granada Theatre in Mount Vernon, Illinois in October of 2021. 


In fall of 2021, Maddi released her debut album, These Roads. Take a listen online or join Maddi for a live performance. 


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